The following classes are available:
  1. Day Care
  2. Pre Nursery
  3. Nurseries 1 and 2,
  4. Pre-Primary,
  5. Primary 1 to 6 and
  6. Junior Secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3 and
  7. Senior Secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3.

The number of pupils per class is 15 on the average. This is to allow for individualised attention on pupils by their teachers.

Pupils/students are required to be in their badged school uniforms which are provided by the school. Any uniform made outside the school will not be accepted. The recommended footwear is black shoes with white socks or plain white canvas shoes with white socks on physical exercise days.

There are also sports, clubs and ceremonial wears used on special occassions.

Fees for new intakes include the following:
  1. Tuition
  2. 3 sets of uniform
  3. 1 sweater (cardigan)
  4. 1 set of sportswear
  5. P.T.A. levies
  6. Development levy
  7. Examination
  8. Breakages/damages (caution) and
  9. Computer.

The bill is usually attached to the admission letter and is required to be paid during registration.

For old pupils/students, the fees are expected to be paid within the first two weeks of resumption.

All fees are paid through designated banks using bank tellers which should be returned to the Accounts Section in the school for collection of receipts.

Cash payment at the school is not accepted.
Books & Stationery

The list of all recommended textbooks and stationery and the total cost is provided by the school at the beginning of every session. All parents are required to pay the appropriate amount for books/stationery at the Accounts Section at the beginning of the session/term.
School Hours

School opens at 7:45 AM prompt for every category of pupils/students.

Closing time from Monday to Thursday is 1:00 PM for pre-nursery, nursery and pre-primary sections while it is 3:00 PM for the primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school sections as they attend afternoon lessons between 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM.

School closes at 12:30 PM for all pupils/students on Fridays.

Parents are expected to bring their children punctually and pick them immediately the school closes.
Health Services

The school has a mini Sick Bay with a nurse. It provides first aid treatment during school hours. In case of any serious ailment during school hours, parents/guardians of the affected child are contacted immediately.

Patients of contagious diseases like mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc are advised to stay at home until they recover fully.

The school employs the services of visiting doctors, ophthalmologists and dentists who examine the pupils/students from time to time at a minimum fee. This is however not a compulsory service.

Character Moulding
Conscious efforts are made to inculcate in the children moral and ethical values of self-discipline; hardwork; honesty; respect for others, elders and those in authority. The school's effort in this direction complements the teaching of Christian and Islamic Religious Studies.

Discipline among staff is also taken seriously.

We implore parents to co-operate with the school to inculcate in the children good habits of discipline, moral and character training. They should not hesitate to discuss the children's progress and challenges with the class teacher or Head of School. We assure you of doing our best for your children in Raberto School.
Since its establishment, the school has had a very active and virile P.T.A. which meets at least once a term. The P. T. A. has been active and supportive in some of the activities and programmes of the school.

All parents/guardians and staff of the school are expected to be members of the P.T.A. They are also expected to attend all P.T.A. meetings.


  0906 000 2340 (1, 2); WhatsApp No.: 0906 000 2340,      No. 159, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria