Foundational Details

Raberto School is a Cambridge International accredited school strategically situated in the heart of Abuja. offers an integrated curriculum which is a blend of the Nigerian and British curricula. It is a co-educational day school for children of all ages, different backgrounds, mixed abilities and great potentials. Raberto School was established in 1995 by Mrs. R.A. Ozigi, an experienced professional teacher and educator with over 40 years of successful running of schools in Nigeria. Mrs. Ozigi was fully supported by her late husband Prof. Albert Ozigi (OON), a renowned passionate educationist, an excellent administrator and patriot, who made outstanding contributions to education in Nigeria.

This is the pillar which provides the solid foundation which Raberto School hinges on. Raberto School is a dream come true. With only seven (7) children from around my neighbourhood in Area 11 Garki in 1995, we have produced thousands of very successful graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world doing great exploits…. Raberto School consists of Crèche, Playgroup, Nursery, Primary and Secondary sections which are all located within the same premises. This continuous blend adds to the diversity and richness of our community to the benefit of everyone.

This is based on the premise that children profit and benefit from continuity in their learning environment, which enables a smooth transition and follow up on their progress. One of the unique qualities of Raberto school, is the warm welcoming environment and communal spirit, which is evident in the positive relationship among the parents, pupils, students, staff and management. The quest for academic excellence is paramount in Raberto school, however our greatest priority is for every child to discover, maximise and fulfil their potential through our wide range of co-curricular activities.

This is very evident in our excellent results and performance during external events and competitions. The academic excellence for which Raberto is known for comes by the grace of God; my experience as a teacher and an infant method specialist coupled with over 35 years of school management practice; the support of my late husband, Professor Albert Ozigi (OON); an ever dedicated and disciplined workforce; and the goodwill of the parents of our pupils/students. We look forward to receiving you and your wards/children as members of the Raberto family.

ADMISSION - How to Apply:

  • Admission is based on vacancy
  • All prospective candidates must obtain the admission from the Accounts office or download a copy online
  • The form is submitted along with the following documents: - Birth certificate. - Evidence of last class. - Transfer certificate from the previous school.
  • Candidates are invited to write and pass an entrance examination which consists of the following subjects. - English - Maths - General studies
  • Based on the outcome of candidate’s performance and evaluation, admission is either given or denied.
  • Successful candidates are issued admission letter along with an invoice with which full payment is expected to be paid.
  • Upon receipt of full payment candidate is admitted into the appropriate class.


Our Curriculum

We are a Cambridge international accredited school and we offer an integrated curriculum which is a blend of the Nigerian and British curricula. We also enrich our curriculum with innovative and relevant developments in education, for example; app building, coding, robotics, introduction of the use of AutoCAD in Technical Drawing and other relevant packages and soft wares to keep our students abreast of current developments in the secondary section.

We incorporate the 21st century skills in our teaching and learning in every subject and we incorporate the Cambridge International Exams method of assessment We have introduced some key aspects of the High scope approach in our Early Years, and a lot of our teaching and learning in the Primary is activity based which is adopted from the WhyBlueSky methodology. We also incorporate entrepreneurship, career development, and leadership and life skills training as core priorities to suit current societal needs.
Our academic programme is divided into Early Years, Primary and Secondary sections. We have a crèche and playgroup which feeds into the nursery and then the primary sections.
This is where children grow their wings. The Early Years comprises children between the ages 3 to 6 years who experience active learning in a safe and friendly environment. We maintain an average class size of 15 in our nursery and 20 in the primary. The Early Years classes have teaching assistants who help to support the children. This will allow for more individual attention, better monitoring, effective learning and improvement in academic achievements. There are in built toilets within the nursery classes to ensure convenience and control of movement outside the classroom, while primary classes have adequate toilet facilities for boys and girls.

Through the expert delivery of a broad based and challenging curriculum, children are taught Mathematics, English, French, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, Creative and Cultural Arts, Music, Basic Science and Technology (ICT, Basic Science, Basic Technology and Physical and Health Education), Pre-vocational Studies (Home Economics, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture), Religious and National Value Education (Social Studies, Civic Education, IRS/CRS, and Security Education) and Handwriting. Alongside the curriculum, we engage our pupils in exciting and extensive co-curricular activities including music, dance, talent shows, sports external competitions and a vibrant after school program. We aim to establish and develop a real love of learning and a well-founded sense of self-confidence in our pupils. Children who successfully complete Year 6 in Raberto schools are guaranteed a place in the Secondary school as we encourage continuity.

Secondary Section

This is where children take flight. Students are taught in conducive classes and grouped according to ability, aptitude and interest. In the junior secondary school (JS 1-3), all students follow a broad curriculum of general academic subjects which includes Mathematics, English Studies, Basic Science Technology (I.C.T, P.H.E, Basic Science and Basic Technology), Pre - Vocational studies (Agric. Science and Home Economics), Hausa Language, National Values (Social Studies, Civic Education, Security Education and History) French, CCA (Music and Arts), Religious Studies and Business Studies.

At the senior level (SS 1-3), the following subjects are taught; Mathematics, English Studies, Civic Education , Data processing , ICT, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Technical Drawing, Foods & Nutrition, Agric. Science, Economics, Commerce, Financial Accounting, Geography, CRS, IRS, French Language, History, Government, Literature in English and Visual Arts, students can choose a minimum of eight subjects with the guidance of the school counsellor, based on three field of studies including Science/Technical, Social Science/Commercial, Humanities and Arts. Our textbooks are recommended by the Education Resource Centre (E.R.C) and Cambridge International while other supplementary relevant books and reference materials are available in the library .Our Secondary programme provides increased focus on 21st century core skills such as critical reasoning, research and leadership, which are fundamental to students’ continued success.
Raberto Schools occupies a unique space on the landscape of private education in Abuja, Nigeria. Choosing the right school for your child is very key to his /her development and happiness. Our focus is to provide a well-rounded academic, social and personal education to all and we also ensure that our pupils / students achieve a true breath of happiness and understanding which prepare them efficiently for higher education and to face the challenges of work life and the competitive global community. In Raberto, we provide good value for money, and have maintained an excellent reputation which is reflected in the quality of successful graduates we have produced over the years. As we welcome you to join our wonderful family, we believe you will experience the best in Raberto Schools.
Raberto Schools has recorded consistent improvement and excellent results from our external examinations like WAEC, and Post UTME and the majority of our graduates end up in reputable institutions abroad. Feedback from our inspection reports have been very positive and we endeavour to maintain and improve on our standard in every area.
There are three terms in an academic year beginning from September to July after which pupils/students proceed to the next class. School resumes at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 3.00 pm in Nursery /Primary and 3.30 pm in the Secondary section from Mondays through Thursdays, and 12.40 p.m. on Fridays. All students are encouraged to be punctual to school.
Children are required to be in their school uniforms which are provided by the school. There are three sets of school wears, which include: three sets of compound uniform, a cardigan, a set of sportswear for nursery/primary. However, in the secondary section, students are provided with two sets of uniforms, sportswear, a cardigan, a compound uniform with neck tie and a blazer.

The recommended foot wear is black shoes with white socks for nursery and primary, and black socks for secondary. On sports days, all pupils and students put on their sportswear, white socks and white canvass. Extra uniforms can be purchased from the school if needed. Please note that any uniform made outside the school will not be accepted.
In our Nursery/Primary, the class teachers are responsible for the care and wellbeing of the children and report any issues to the sectional heads. However, any serious issues are forwarded to the Head teacher or Assistant head teacher who handles such cases professionally by discussing with parents or advising the pupil where necessary.

In the secondary section, students’ welfare is of great concern and priority to us, that is why we have a vibrant and effective pastoral care system that plays a key role in monitoring students’ achievements; behavioural, social and emotional development. The student support and mentoring team is overseen by the Vice Principal (student affairs) and Guidance counsellor. We also organise special interactive fora for all students where we bring in external facilitators and experts to discuss pertinent teen issues which is a form of enlightenment.
The tone of discipline in the school is high. Both staff and students are well behaved and disciplined according to the school’s code of conduct/rules and behaviour policy and we also ensure every child is conversant with our core values. The school is well known for its zero tolerance to examination malpractice which makes it stand out amongst others. This is reflected in our examination results and admission into higher educational institutions nationally and internationally.
The school has a mini sick bay with a Nurse who carries out routine health checks and provides first aid treatment where necessary during school hours. We have designated clinics for any emergencies. However, we always inform parents, should they prefer to use their own clinics. Parents are advised to keep their children at home whenever they have any infectious diseases like mumps, chicken pox, and measles. We have CCTV cameras at key areas and trained security personnel who monitor movements in and out of the school premises. During closing time, children are only released to their parents, guardians or approved adults who are required to sign before pick up.
The school fees for new intakes include the following; tuition fees, uniforms, books, examination fee and other fees. The bill for new intakes is usually attached to the admission letter. All fees must be paid before resumption for both new intakes and regular pupils/students. School fees are paid through designated banks using tellers which should be returned to the accounts office for issuance of receipts or POS payment.

Charles Ozigi

Dierector- Operations

The entire operations and runnings of Raberto Schools is saddled on the shoulder of Charles Ozigi - With over 20years experience in education, Charles is doing an amazing job at it - with contineous development all sides.

Ngozi Afam


Ngozi Afam is indeed a principal in human capital development - Her specialty is raising children of any level & transforming them to shining stars with the best curriculum suitable for optimum development. she comes with a belt of over 20 years+ experience.

Joy Anene

Head Teacher

Joy Anene's Passion for working with young children puts her second to non in understanding students developments, challenges & and inner-prowess. What ever the matter is with your child's development - dont worry! She'll fix it.


Alh Shamsudeen U

Former Federal Minster

I was looking for a school with high standard and good morals where my children can develop holistically with children from both elitist and middle-class background. And I found it in Raberto Schools.

Sir Victor Etim


Raberto Schools is like family to me. All my children started from the crèche and are doing excellently well in both academics and co-curricular activities in the secondary.

Rhusda D’suza


My daughter could hardly speak in English when she joined the school, but within a year she now communicates confidently in English and is very confident and happy. Thanks to Raberto.

Eyamin Hossen


Coming to Raberto schools is one of the best things that happened to me. From a francophone country with very little knowledge of English when I got enrolled , I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw my BECE result. I had straight As in all my subjects. Thanks to Raberto school …